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Special Announcement: Podcast Launch & Sincere Thanks

Today’s issue is a special one. I finally get to share with you what I’ve been working on for months.
The Business of Family
Special Announcement: Podcast Launch & Sincere Thanks
By Mike Boyd • Issue #6 • View online
Today’s issue is a special one. I finally get to share with you what I’ve been working on for months. 
My vision for The Business of Family was to record and share some of the conversations I’ve been privileged to enjoy with interesting, successful and wealthy multigenerational families. 
These conversations aren’t commonly shared in public and I believe there’s a lot to be learned from how private families govern themselves and their businesses across generations.
Selfishly, I also hoped it would serve as an excuse to reach out to more interesting people and learn from their stories too. 
What I wasn’t expecting was the level of interest in this topic from others. I thought 10-12 friends might sign up for my newsletter out of sympathy, but in less than a month, this newsletter is being read by more than 500 of you. 
I’m truly humbled and greatly encouraged to keep delivering interesting content for you. Thank you so much for your early support! A reminder, you can review all past newsletters here.

The Business of Family Podcast, and its new website, launches in preview to you today with three episodes: a short introduction to the show and two (fascinating) interviews with multigenerational family members.
Your feedback, as always, is encouraged - just hit reply.

The Business of Family Podcast
If you’ve read this far, thank you. I now have one small ask to make. 
If you’ve enjoyed my content or just want to show your support, please pick one thing from the list below to action now:
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Your support, no matter how small, is meaningful to me and helps to ensure these stories reach who they need to reach. Thank you!
I hope you enjoy the first couple of episodes.
Have a great week,
This Week's Episode:
Rob Robson – Building & Operating The Business of Family
Standout Quotes from Rob:
  • “We made it a goal to make our business interesting for our children…our children really became great critics of our business and that was pretty tough on the business.”- Rob Robson [16:46]
  • “Give as much attention to the business of family as you would to the family business.”- Rob Robson [34:57]
  • “Sometimes life isn’t fair but it’s livable and it’s the ability to adapt and change.”- Rob Robson [42:14]
Interesting links:
Jay Vasantharajah
The power of compounding is crazy.

I’ve seen it at work even in my own short career.

I can only imagine what it’s like when quality assets are held onto and handed down from generation to generation.
Moses Kagan
Will never forget meeting the head of a multi-gen FO early in my career.

Naively asked if he was taking advntge of low int rates to refi his assets & pull cash out.

He looked at me like I had 3 heads. The single biggest problem in his life was where to put all the cash he had.
Shafin Damani
@moseskagan Families will eventually compound quicker than wealth - assuming 2 kids for each couple:

1st generation: a family of 4;
2nd: 16;
3rd: 22;

I’ve met 5th generation families with 150 cousins - my advice is to teach your kids to live frugally
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Mike Boyd is an Australian entrepreneur based in Singapore. He’s the CEO of & an active YPO member.
Mike’s on a mission to build a small portfolio of cash-flowing companies and invest the proceeds for the next generation at Mudbrick Capital.
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Mike Boyd

I'm inspired by multi-generational businesses and the families who steward them.

Join me as I learn how some of the world's most interesting families share values, knowledge, resources, and wealth with the next generation.

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