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Going the Distance

The Business of Family
Going the Distance
By Mike Boyd • Issue #1 • View online
There’s something about “going the distance” that lights up my value system.
Playing the long game encourages deeper relationships, better decision making and sustainable growth. It’s not “one and done” or “growth at all costs” as is so popular in tech circles today.
Taking a long term view strips away ego and forces you to think of the next generation or the one after that. It forces you to think about your role in the community and what mark you’re leaving on the world. It forces you to embrace delayed gratification and the power of compound interest.
Businesses, families and organisations who endure the test of time have something special. They’ve weathered the ups and down, the booms and busts and come out the other side, only to grow and prosper once again.
As you peel back the layers of companies who’ve survived and thrived for over 100 years, you often discover an accompanying story of a founding family with strong community values who embrace the principles of stewardship, not just ownership.
the conducting, supervising, or managing of something
especially : the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care
I don’t know what else we will discover in studying the impact, contribution and legacies of multi-generational businesses and families, but for now, curiosity has gotten the best of me and I must dive in…
Here’s what you can expect in future issues
  • Profiles of private and multi-generational businesses;
  • Family constitutions, annual meetings, shared assets, education funds, annual letters and family offices;
  • Interviews with inspiring owners, stewards and founders;
  • Notes from a list of great biographies & business books; and
  • Occasional updates on my latest business endeavours.
I welcome your referrals of books, articles, businesses and families that I can study or interview as part of this project.
I hope you enjoy sharing this Business of Family learning journey with me. Please hit “Reply” at any time or send me a DM on Twitter @MikeBoyd, I’d love to hear from you.
All the best,

This Week's Featured Book:
This book describes the results of ten years of research into the unique management practices of companies that have prospered for over 100 years. It offers interesting contrasts between public and private Century Club companies as well as the cultural differences between American and Japanese businesses that endure.
I enjoyed the book and have included some of my highlights below:
Interesting links:
Henokiens - The International Association of Bicentenary Family Companies
Survival is the Ultimate Performance Measure of a Business
What ever became of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil?
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Mike Boyd is an Australian entrepreneur based in Singapore. He’s the CEO of, & an active YPO member.
Mike’s on a mission to build a small portfolio of cash-flowing companies and invest the proceeds for the next generation at Mudbrick Capital.
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Mike Boyd

I'm inspired by multi-generational businesses and the families who steward them.

Join me as I learn how some of the world's most interesting families share values, knowledge, resources, and wealth with the next generation.

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