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Global Reach, Building the Community & a Reflection on the Journey So Far

The Business of Family
Global Reach, Building the Community & a Reflection on the Journey So Far
By Mike Boyd • Issue #36 • View online
In the past four weeks I’ve had conversations with members of The Business of Family community from all over the world.
From Lagos, Barcelona, Boston, Melbourne, India, Christchurch, Johannesburg, Miami, Nairobi, Guayaquil, London, San Diego, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Vancouver, Malta, Bangkok and Singapore. All in the past month!
I’m learning so much from each you and feel incredibly grateful for the new knowledge, friendships and opportunities that have sparked from this project.
Three reflections on where I’m up to on this journey:
1) This “project” is quickly outgrowing me and I need to either a) build a team and scale up further, or b) slow down to keep up. I’m not known for taking things slowly…
2) My one-to-one conversations need to move to many-to-many. I’m thinking about how we could bring this community together so you can meet and learn from each other’s shared experiences.
What would you like to see? Who would you like to learn from? Can I help to connect you?
3) I’ve started receiving a lot of inbound from PR companies trying to book podcast guests on the show (no thank you). While it’s nice validation that we’ve reached a size to warrant commercial interest, I’ll never jeopardise the integrity of the show with guest placements.
The cost of operating the project however is high and growing, so perhaps a well-aligned sponsor who I believe in would make more sense.
A small request please:
If we haven’t connected before (or even if we have!), please hit reply, introduce yourself and share your thoughts with me. 10 words will do.
As I ponder where next to take this and how to add increasing value, who better to ask than those who have enjoyed following along so far?
Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

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Mike Boyd is the co-owner and CEO of the Vroom Group, Founder of Prosura insurance, Investor at Mudbrick Capital, Host of The Business of Family Podcast and an active member of YPO.
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