📣 Announcing a Live Cohort-Based Course for Modern Families of Wealth



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The Business of Family
📣 Announcing a Live Cohort-Based Course for Modern Families of Wealth
By Mike Boyd • Issue #50 • View online
My vision for The Business of Family was to record and share some of the many conversations I’ve been privileged to enjoy with interesting, successful and wealthy business families.
Now that I’m reaching 10,000’s of families around the world, I wanted to scale the learnings and resources with those of you who want to apply The Business of Family principles in a practical and meaningful way.
I’m launching an intensive 3-week Cohort-Based Course for Modern Families of Wealth who want to build a family enterprise and sustain their wealth and relationships for generations.
It will be a live virtual course led by me and featuring some amazing industry experts. 90-minute sessions, twice a week, for 3 weeks with a cohort of like-minded peers. Class recording will be made available within 24 hours if you miss a live session.
Connect with, network, and learn from other families of wealth from around the world. Share your journey and make friends for life.
This course is not passively watching lectures. It will be interactive learning using frameworks and templates to leave with meaningful and tangible takeaways for your family.
Real Time Learning + Real World Examples + Immediate Application with a group of like-minded families

Who is this for?
  • Modern families of wealth who want to network with like-minds and learn from the course and each other in a highly confidential forum-like setting
  • Business families in the founding generation (G1), second generation (G2) or third generation (G3) of their enterprise who want to manage issues of succession and transition successfully to the next generation
  • Entrepreneurs, Founders and other wealth creators who have reached financial stability and want to setup their next generation for success
  • Investment and real estate families who want to safely steward their assets to the next generation
  • YPO & EO members who want to sustain their wealth and make it meaningful
  • Family office principals and professionals
  • Do I need to be in a family business? No. The curriculum will be broadly developed for modern business families who may comprise a single family business, a collection of business interests or manage an investment portfolio of other assets on behalf of a family group.
Course Syllabus
Feedback from those interested will refine the course, but the big topic areas will be:
  1. The foundations of a family enterprise and creating your family vision statement, values and constitution document (with frameworks and template examples)
  2. Transitioning from a family with wealth to a Modern Family Enterprise, uniting family members around a shared vision and clear purpose for the future
  3. The Family Bank: learning to administer all forms of the family’s capital including Human, Intellectual, Social and Financial, so it survives and grows for generations
  4. Generational Resiliency - becoming a global citizen to prepare for and react to an ever-changing global landscape, ensuring longevity of the family and it’s enterprise.
  5. Avoiding the entitlement trap: raising well-rounded and motivated children and grandchildren amid wealth
  6. Creating family rituals, gatherings, meetings and traditions that bring family together in celebration of something greater than ourselves
  7. Storytelling for family enterprises: how to document the unique fabric of your family history and culture; from the origin story through the trials and tribulations to the current day (with template and tools)
I would love to get a sense of who is interested and what would make this course most valuable for you. 
If you fill out this short form to share feedback and express interest, you will be on the list for updates and get preferred pricing. 
There’s no payment or commitment yet! This is simply letting me know that you’re interested in learning more about the course when the time comes.
We’ll be starting with a small beta group of students/families for the Foundation Cohort. I’m aiming to run the program in May/June this year.
Details and Pricing
  • 90-minute sessions, twice a week, for 3 weeks live with me, industry experts, specials guests and a cohort of like-minded peers. Class recording will be made available within 24 hours if you miss a live session
  • Networking with your cohort peers - learn with like-minded families of wealth in a forum-like setting and stay connected beyond the life of the course
  • Based on the individual cohort, I will invite special guests to cover specific topics that are most relevant to you - this is live and will be adapted over time
  • Future course programs will likely run USD $5,000+ as they evolve and expand. The Foundation Cohort will be $2,500 per family. (We have a globally diverse audience so that’s about AUD 3,375 / SGD 3,400 / GBP 1,900 / Euro 2,300)
  • Bring your family (spouse, parent, grandparent, child, sibling, in-law or other family member) to attend the course with you at no extra charge. We want you to apply the learning with your family and start benefiting straight away.
  • The course is rooted in real experience with tangible systems and takeaways to immediately level up for less than what you are used to paying for a conference… and with more impact. 
  • The first 50 people who fill out the form will have access to a $500 ‘thank you’ discount with a preferred admission of only USD $2,000. ⭐ [Update 9th March: The first 50 went very quickly, you can still sign up for for the deeply discounted Foundation Cohort for $2,500 per family.]
Express Your Interest Today
If you’re interested and would like to take advantage of a deeply discounted price, please fill in this form.
Would you enjoy learning with others you already know? Forward this to your close friend or colleague and sign up for the course together.
Stay in touch
Mike Boyd is an Australian Entrepreneur, CEO and Investor, stewarding a group of private companies over the very long term.
He hosts The Business of Family Podcast and is an active member of YPO. Hit reply, or say hi on Twitter.
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Mike Boyd

I'm inspired by multi-generational businesses and the families who steward them. Join me as I learn how some of the world's most interesting families share values, knowledge, resources, and wealth with the next generation.

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